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Transforming Waste Management in Co-Working Spaces with Ameru's AI Smart Bin

Unboxed and Explained

Kiril Gantchev
Kiril Gantchev


Welcome to a revolution in waste management in co-working spaces, thanks to the innovative Ameru's WasteOps Solution. This breakthrough technology combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and an incentivized approach to radically transform how we handle waste in co-working spaces.

How Does the Ameru Solution Work?


  1. Deposit your waste into the smart receptacle.
  2. Ameru's AI swiftly identifies the type of waste deposited.
  3. The waste item is then appropriately disposed of into the correct compartment.
  4. The cleaning staff collects each sorted bag for disposal.
  5. Sorted bags are then deposited into color-coded dumpsters for further processing.
  6. Ameru offers insightful reports about waste and recyclable diversion, aiding your waste management practices.

This streamlined process not only enhances waste management in co-working spaces but also gives them a platform to showcase their effective waste diversion efforts to their members.

How Ameru Stands Out

Ameru's WasteOps Solution distinguishes itself with three primary features: AI-driven waste segregation and user engagement, continual learning and sophisticated analytics, and a comprehensive stakeholder approach with incentivized participation.

  1. AI-Driven Waste Segregation: Ameru's Smart Bin uses AI, a high-resolution camera, and an advanced single-board computer for precise waste sorting. An engaging touchscreen provides real-time feedback, promoting sustainable habits.

  2. Advanced Waste Analytics: The Smart Bin continually learns from scanned trash samples and user feedback. As a result, it provides comprehensive monthly waste analytics reports to help co-working operators identify waste reduction opportunities with a data-driven approach.

  3. Guaranteed Recyclables Diversion: Ameru brings together all stakeholders, from users to cleaning staff, into a holistic approach to waste management through the Cleaning Staff Incentive Program. This strategy motivates effective waste segregation, leading to reduced workload, improved environmental contribution, and boosted waste diversion and recycling rates.

The result is a guaranteed and traceable diversion of recyclables!

Understanding AI Decision-Making

Let's delve into the heart of the matter - the AI behind Ameru.ai's Smart Bin.

You might have moments where the Smart Bin's decisions seemed puzzling - why did the bin classify a soiled plastic food container as trash and not recycling? The answer is that while plastic containers are indeed recyclable, food contamination degrades their quality, resulting in them being classified as trash.

To help users demystify the AI's decision, we provide useful information in the smart bin's user interface (UI). Now, when you dispose of an item, the Smart Bin visually represents its material and condition. This new feature provides immediate feedback, helping you understand why items are sorted the way they are and how to improve waste disposal habits.

confirm soiled

If the plastic item is clean, the UI indicates that it's clean and recyclable.

confirm clean

Ameru Smart Bin at Work: A Case Study


In a recent implementation at a renowned co-working space, we ran a Cleaning Staff Incentive Pilot Program using Ameru's AI-powered smart bins. During a month-long experiment, the Smart Bin effectively sorted and tracked waste, reducing the cleaning staff's workload and increasing their efficiency.

The cleaning staff followed a simple procedure - remove the color-coded bag from the bin, transport it to the correct outside dumpster, and provide "proof of disposal" by taking a picture or scanning the QR code of the bag and the bin.

The outcome was impressive. The result is a 29.78% diversion of waste from landfill to recycling. This significantly contributes to municipal landfill savings and also generated revenue from recyclable materials. You can learn more about the results from our case studies at Betahaus and WorkBetter.

Moving Forward with Ameru's Smart Bin

Ameru's Smart Bin is not just a step, but a leap forward in revolutionizing waste management. By incorporating AI technology and implementing an inclusive stakeholder approach, we are developing an efficient, transparent, and eco-friendly waste management system.

Ready to be a part of this transformative approach to waste management? Connect with us at Ameru.ai. Together, we can redefine waste management in your co-working space, increase recycling rates, and build towards a more sustainable future.

Don't just manage waste, revolutionize it with Ameru's Smart Bin. Reach out to us today, and let's make a tangible difference, one piece of waste at a time.

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