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At Ameru, we're redefining waste management through cutting-edge AI technology. We make waste sorting effortless, accurate, and most importantly, sustainable. We take the guesswork out of recycling, providing a seamless experience for everyone in your co-working space or corporate office.



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Innovate Your Space

Set your office apart as an innovation hub where technology drives sustainability. Our smart bins are more than just trash receptacles; they're a statement of your commitment to a better future.

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Simplify Waste Management

Transform the mundane task of waste disposal into an engaging experience. Our AI-driven smart bins not only sort waste efficiently but captivate users with their interactive and intuitive design, enriching your office ecosystem.

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Track and Reduce Your Footprint

Harness the power of our data analytics dashboard to turn insights into actions. Be the leader in sustainability and show your stakeholders you mean business.


Our Customers Love to Reduce Waste!

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At the core of Ameru lies our mission to accelerate an economically sustainable Zero-Waste future. Connect with us and take the first step in transforming your office into a sustainable workspace of the future.