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Ameru Smart Waste Solutions for Co‑Working Spaces

Revolutionize Your Co‑Working Space with AI: Where Innovation Meets the Workplace of the Future


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In an era where co-working spaces strive to be innovative, engaging, green, and sustainable, waste management should be an enabler, not a bottleneck. Ameru's cutting-edge solutions seamlessly meld with the ethos of modern co-working spaces, elevating waste management to a whole new level while fostering a culture of eco-responsibility.

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By adopting our AI-powered waste management system, your co-working space will not only gain operational efficiency but also be seen as an innovative hub that aligns with forward-thinking values.

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Use Cases

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Tenant Engagement through Innovation

Keeping tenants engaged and committed to sustainability in a co-working setting.


Ameru's AI-driven waste classification not only optimizes waste management but also keeps tenants intrigued and engaged through technological innovation.

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Maximized Efficiency, Minimized Footprint

Traditional waste management systems are inefficient and often contribute to wasteful practices like wishcycling.


With Ameru’s AI-powered Smart Bin achieving 90%+ sorting accuracy and the Smart Bag’s traceability features, say goodbye to inefficient practices.

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In-Depth Sustainability Analytics

Lack of data-driven insights into waste generation and management.


Ameru’s waste analytics dashboard provides actionable insights for a greener future, helping co-working spaces meet sustainability goals.

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Empowered Cleaning Staff

Keeping up with the cleaning and waste disposal in a busy co-working space is a daunting task.


Our Cleaning Staff Smart App integrates seamlessly with Smart Bags, allowing real-time monitoring and efficient operations.

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Co-Working Operators

Simplify waste management with our AI-driven solutions, making your space a cleaner, greener, and more innovative hub aligned with the workplaces of the future.

Facility Managers

Automate and streamline waste management tasks using Ameru AI technology, freeing up valuable time and elevating operational efficiency in your co-working space.

Sustainability Officers

Leverage Ameru waste analytics dashboard for actionable insights and metrics, allowing you to design and implement targeted sustainability initiatives effectively.

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