Tony Aleksandrov
Tony Aleksandrov

Boosting sustainability is vital for sustainable office provider! ♻️ WorkBetter

In one of my first conversations with Kiril Gantchev from, I remember how sceptical and negative I was towards the idea of a proper waste separation management and the eco-movements. 😮‍💨

Thanks to Kiril's stubbornness and extensive knowledge and many conversations with other professionals, 4 months later, I am a huge believer of eco-friendly innaciatives and WorkBetter has adopted a few already. We will add more in the near future and strive to create cleaner and safer environment for our community! 💚

It took me 28th years to understand how important is to protect our environment and I feel bad because I lost so much time…every small action, every small step matters in this fight! 🤛

but…Better late than never!!!

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