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Enter the Smart Bags Era!

Color-coded, high-quality, and uniquely tagged for full traceability.

How it Works?


Collect bag

Retrieve the uniquely-tagged smart bag from Ameru bin.


Scan bag's code

Scan the bag's QR code for full traceability.


Scan dumpster's code

Scan QR code on the dumpster to record location.


Proof of disposal

Instant verification ensures responsible waste management.


Unique color coded bags

High-quality, color-coded bags are uniquely tagged for simplified sorting, offering full traceability from bin to point of disposal.

Cleaning Staff Smart App

Empower your cleaning staff with our user-friendly app, designed for real-time tracking and efficient waste management operations.

Stuck Waste Detection

Gain in-depth waste insights through advanced analytics, identifying optimization opportunities and mapping out your route to sustainability.

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