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Unboxing the AI Decision-Making in Ameru.ai's Smart Bins

Kiril Gantchev
Kiril Gantchev


Imagine working in a vibrant co-working space where creativity buzzes, collaborations thrive, and cutting-edge technology becomes a part of your everyday life. Among these is Ameru.ai's Smart Bin, a game-changer in the realm of waste management. You've probably found it fascinating, but perhaps also a bit confusing when it sorted your soiled plastic food container as trash, not recycling. In this post, we'll unravel our journey toward making AI's decision-making transparent, intuitive, and explainable.

See the demo below:

A Common Dilemma

As an enthusiastic user of Ameru.ai's Smart Bin, you might have had moments of doubt. You're aware that your plastic food container is recyclable, so why does the Smart Bin classify it as trash? The reality is that plastic container, while recyclable, is downgraded to trash due to food contamination. Cleaning it can change its fate.

The 'Why' Behind the 'What'

Understanding this confusion prompted us at Ameru.ai to make a subtle change: How could we make the AI's decision-making process more explicit? With this aim, we updated the UI of our Smart Bin, ensuring that users like you can quickly comprehend why items are sorted the way they are.

When you dispose of an item, the Ameru Smart Bin now provides a visual representation on its screen, identifying its material and condition. If you throw away a soiled plastic container, the bin labels it as 'soiled plastic' and explains that it's sorted as trash due to contamination. This feedback offers valuable hints for improving recyclability, such as washing your plastic containers before disposal.

Here is how the UI represents a plastic item that is soiled and non-recyclable:

confirm soiled

If the plastic item is clean, then the image shows that it's clean and recyclable:

confirm clean

The Power of Feedback and Learning

What makes this interaction possible and efficient is Ameru.ai's unique blend of AI-driven waste segregation and user engagement. By offering immediate, transparent feedback, we allow you to understand and improve your waste disposal habits. More importantly, our system is not static. With every scanned trash sample, user feedback, or audit result, our Smart Bin learns and enhances its efficiency.

In the process, it doesn't just support accurate waste disposal; it helps co-working spaces, like yours, identify waste reduction opportunities, embodying our belief in a unified stakeholder approach. We've created a collaborative ecosystem that includes all key stakeholders, from users like you to cleaning staff. Our incentive programs motivate all involved to effectively manage waste, improving diversion rates and boosting recycling.

Looking Ahead: Unboxing the Green Revolution

This user-centered upgrade is just one step in our ongoing journey. Our mission at Ameru.ai is to ensure that AI doesn't remain a black box but becomes a tool that users like you can comprehend and leverage. As we continue to refine our UI based on your experiences and feedback, we strive to lead the green revolution in waste management.

Are you ready to join us in this mission and create a greener future, one piece of waste at a time? Get in touch with us or spread the word by sharing this post with your network. With every person made aware of AI's potential in waste management, we move closer to a more sustainable world.

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